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Powerful and Fast Migraine Cures

Migraine headaches affect over 1 billion people across the world. Although people are affected in different intensities as well as with a wide range of symptoms, one common factor exists and that is people hate getting them because they are so unpredictable. Sometimes, migraine headaches come on at the worst time and in the worst places. That said, people should be damn sure that they know of at least one reliable & fast cure for migraine headache -- that way when it hits, they can continue on with their lives as they normally would. And seriously, doesn't it just seem like a good idea to have a fast and easy way to get rid of your headaches?

Several fast cures which are all-natural have been reported to give migraine headache relief in a short space of time. Here are a few of them, take a look:

1. Taking a Bath or Shower - This is a fast cure for migraine headache that cannot necessarily be explained, but is usually effective for people who are suffering from a sudden migraine attack. Getting into the shower during during pain could prove difficult, but once there, the headache pain will start to slowly subside.

2. Lie Down in a Dark Room - Since bright lights are known to intensify a migraine headache, lying down in a dark room with your eyes closed can instantly help to bring down the pain by a notch or two.

3. Avoid Bright Lights or Flashing Lights - This of course is tied in with the previous tip, because excessive bright or flashing lights could be the very reason that the migraine headache was triggered in the first place.

4. Apply Something Cold (Like a Wet Cloth) On the Back of the Neck - This is a very effective and very fast cure for migraine headache which can offer tremendous relief in a short space of time. By applying a cold cloth to the back of the neck, the migraine pain should begin to diminish (slightly) in very little time.

5. Cold Compress on the Forehead With Feet Placed in Warm Water - This tricks, for lack of a better word, the brain when you have a cold application at the forehead and a warm application on the feet. This is a fast cure for migraine headache that many people have reported getting impressive results from. If you feel a migraine attack coming on, there's really no harm in giving this remedy a try.

6. Drink Lots of Vitamin C Juices - Specifically, tomato juice has very effective properties that may help to get rid of a migraine headache fast.

7. Gently Massage The Head, Face and Neck - This is one of those fast cures for migraine headaches that if done with a little patience and in the right areas can offer really effective, long lasting results. Knowing the right points to massage is of paramount importance; otherwise it won't work.

8. Apply Pressure - For effective and fast migraine headache relief, you can apply pressure to 2 of the pressure points on the back of the neck; located about 2 inches apart at the base of the skull. Try to do this for about two minutes at a time then release slowly and repeat.

9. Massage Between Thumb and Forefinger - As simple as it sounds, many people have actually gotten very good results after trying this migraine headache relief technique. It's really a pressure point technique that fools you into thinking the pain is gone, even if it's not.

10. Avoid Stress Sources - This is one of the more obvious ways to prevent (and sometimes cure) a migraine headache that is currently plaguing you. In many cases, a person is in a situation that has triggered the migraine and the best way to reduce the sudden onset of pain is to try and get out of the situation as fast as humanly possible -- or at least put the situation on hold for the time being. Once that is done, it'd be wise to use a few of the other remedies listed above.

There are more then a few natural headache remedies that have been reported as a fast cure for migraine headaches. What is important, though, is finding one that will actually work and keep working for you!

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