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Painful Headaches on Top of Head

Constantly suffering from headaches on top of your head? Well, then maybe it's time to put down the bottle of over the counter aspirin and turn to a more natural solution to get rid of headache pain.

Do yourself a favor and begin using any of these 5 headache on top of head remedies. Now, I can't guarantee that they'll erase your headache pain completely, but I can say with absolute certainty that they will DEFINITELY help.

6 Great Headache Remedies for Fast Relief...

Neck & Temple Massage - Using eucalyptus oil, menthol, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, or lavendar oil, massage & rub your neck & temples for several minutes. With exception to the menthol, breath in the oils deeply every 30-45 seconds.

White Willow Bark - Has nearly the same effects as aspirin without being as harsh on your stomach. Health food stores and supplement retails will have this available in capsule form.

Walk Around - It may sound like a strange thing to do to get rid of a headache on top of head, but this can be a big help when you first feel the headache coming on. Simply take a brisk walk around the house, or the yard, for several minutes. This should help your circulatory system, making it easier for blood & oxygen to reach your brain.

Ginger - You can use powdered ginger to cook food with or you can add grated ginger to your beverages. Very useful for getting rid of both headaches AND migraines.

Deep Breathing (With Oils) - Deep breathing is an important, and very powerful, technique for treating headaches. Doing this alone will get more blood & oxygen to your brain, thereby helping to get rid of a headache on top of head. Add in the appropriate natural oil -- peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavendar, etc. -- and the pain relief should be even faster!

B-Vitamins - An excellent preventative measure against headaches on top of head as well as for other areas too. Take B-vitamins daily to reduce the chance of these headache "attacks".

Such simple headache treatments are a big step in the right direction if you're looking for safe & natural ways to get rid of headaches. If you're not, well, then you can always just hand your wallet over to those "trustworthy" drug companies. I'm sure nothing can go wrong with that decision.

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