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Migraine Headache Symptoms & Warning Signs

Migraine headaches have long been researched by doctors and scientists from the 1940s. These professionals have targeted various factors that they believed contributed to migraine headaches, however they are still unclear at this point as to just what the main cause of these headaches are. Until they are able to find the full and true cause, over 1 billion people worldwide will remain suffering with migraine headaches. Depending on an individual's particular case, the symptoms could vary as well as the methods of treating them.

The symptoms of migraine headaches are widely varied, and include the most common things like intense throbbing pain in the temples, forehead, back of the head, as well as around the eyes. In most cases, the migraine headache will start on one side of the head. The next time around that the headache occurs, it is more than likely to appear on the opposite side. It is highly unlikely for anybody to simply overlook or ignore the throbbing and pulsating pain as a symptom of migraine headaches, as they have been known to leave people completely unfunctioning for the duration of the pain.

This vascular condition, known to you and me as a migraine headache, is also characterized by other possible symptoms including nauseaa, vomiting, visual disturbances and even diiarrhea in rare cases. In the case of visual disturbances, people who are suffering from a migraine will experience some kind of aura, which usually comes in the form of a zigzag line in the vision or some kind of black spot. Apart from these common symptoms of migraine headaches, people routinely experience facial pallor, cold hands & feet, and a high sensitivity to not only light but also any sort of sound.

In the majority of cases, 40% to 60% of migraine headaches are preceded by warning symptoms. Some of the warning symptoms of migraine headaches include sleepiness, irritability, fatigue, depression, euphoria, and even cravings for salty and sweet foods. Of course, these warning symptoms could be attributed to a myriad of possible conditions and illnesses. Then again, in the case of someone whom is prone to getting these types of hard-hitting headaches, such warning signs should be taken serious -- causing the individual to quickly start using his/her chosen migraine headache relief remedy!

Other warning signs include loss of coordination, dizziness, loss of balance known as vertigo, sweating, increased urination and poor concentration & focus. Depending on your particular situation as well as a wide range of personal factors, the symptoms of migraine headaches that you experience may be very different from those experienced by other sufferers. What is important is that you try to identify ways to combat the symptoms so you can rest comfortably and continue with everyday life. After all, if left untreated for too long, migraine headaches can interfere with EVERY facet of your life!

The good thing is that as wide and varied as the symptoms of migraines are, there is more often than not some kind of natural treatment which you can use to get rid of your headache quickly. Although your ideal situation would be to get rid of migraine headaches for good, you can feel comfortable with knowing that the pain and other symptoms can be treated fast and with little hassle, even if it's only temporary. Just take a look around this website, you'll find PLENTY of great natural headache & migraine remedies to use.

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